Battle Creek Regional Park West

At a Glance

In the hills behind the Battle Creek Recreation Center and Battle Creek Elementary, Battle Creek West is a stunning and well-kept gem in St. Paul. From the hardwood forested hilltops, to the hillsides covered in sweeping tallgrass prairies, and wetlands noisy with frogs and ducks, these wide and maintained trails are full of adventures and challenges. When we come to Battle Creek West, we come to climb the hills, catch our breath while enjoying the vistas of east St. Paul, and skip and run down the steep wood-chipped slopes.

Trail Information

  • Wood-chipped or mowed throughout. No Asphalt
  • Trails double as mountain bike trails and so must be shared. Stay off the single-track trails (winding and fun though they may seem) for the safety of you and bikers.
  • Once snow has fallen, these trails are closed to hikers and snowshoers. Skiers only.


  • Portable toilet
  • Water fountain (off in 2020)
  • Benches at Rec Center trailhead
  • Rec center has bathrooms and water fountains
  • Picnic shelter and playground outside the rec center
  • Good maps at intersections

Ideas for your Mini Adventure

  1. Run, skip, or jump down the hills!
  2. Search for the biggest or prettiest leaf (fall)
  3. Take a solo hike on portion of trail
  4. Listen for birds sounds in the forest or in the prairie (sound survey)
  5. Look up often while in the forest and find the best canopy view
  6. Select a stick for walking (consider setting expectations for stick fighting)
  7. In mid to late summer, keep a look out for ripe black raspberries