Nearby nature adventures for kids and their adults


Just about everyone can use more nature experiences in their lives, especially children. But if you’re like us, you could also use a few new ideas of where to go, and what to do when you get there.

This guide is a collection of the places where we go adventuring. Some posts describe a particular outing to an adventure spot, while others offer an overview of the place with some ideas of what to do while you’re there, as well as some details of what to expect.

Where should we go on our adventure today?”


  • Battle Creek Regional Park West
    In the hills behind the Battle Creek Recreation Center and Battle Creek Elementary, Battle Creek West is a stunning and well-kept gem in St. Paul. From the hardwood forested hilltops, to the hillsides covered in sweeping tallgrass prairies, and wetlands noisy with frogs and ducks, these wide and maintained trails are full of adventures and …

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  • Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary
    At the place where the famed Swede Hollow opens up again and Phalen Creek takes the last stuttering steps of its journey to the Mississippi River, sits a lovely piece of land called Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary. On one side- the St. Paul Skyline. On the other, the magnificent limestone and sandstone cliffs of Dayton’s …

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  • Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary
    Tucked between Interstate 35E and St. Paul’s North End neighborhood, Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary offers a quick dose of nature to the Mini Adventurer. The site’s main natural features are a beautifully restored tallgrass prairie and a bubbling brook. The trails are a mix of asphalt and gravel, and it’s common to see dog walkers …

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